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JAB Locksmiths Access Control

JAB Locksmiths is the leader when it comes to wireless locking solutions, appointed by Salto JAB Locksmiths is a licensed dealer with Salto locking solutions. JAB Locksmiths has installed over 7000 Salto wireless locks for government, corporate and residential premises all over Australia. If you are looking for a door solution weather it’s 6 doors or 6000+ JAB Locksmiths has the expertise to implement a solutions for customer’s requirements.

JAB Locksmiths now has the technology to integrate CCTV, Salto Locks, Alarms and any other system into one screen control centre. Whilst supplying and installing Salto locks all over Melbourne we have also serviced Victoria wide and got some customers such as Latrobe Council, Moyne council, just to name a few. Look no further and secure your premises with JAB Locksmiths and Salto access control.

We Are Who You can Trust

JAB Locksmiths is the leading Salto dealer and a top class security company in Melbourne.

Salto is the leading company when it comes to wireless edge locking solutions.


JAB Locksmiths Access Control Solutions

JAB Locksmiths has installed over 7000 Salto wireless locks for commercial, educational, governmental, healthcare, residential environments and transportation facilities all over Australia.

Why Access Control

Access control is an important step toward mitigating an organization’s security risks, which  enables you to control who has access to your building. Locks and keys also allow you to secure your building, but the difference between the mechanical key systems and a wireless access control solutions is that if you lose a card, with the wireless solution you can basically rekey an alternative within an hour by getting a handyman or maintenance to update the locks instead of getting a locksmith to rekey and cut new keys which would take days and cost thousands of dollars.

For example, losing a master key for a school would cost $30k-100k in getting a locksmith to re-master key for every lock. With wireless electronic access control data on card it will take the cleaner less than 1 hour to delete that missing card from the system. So the advantages are essential when it comes to losing a card. It’s a no brainer. Imagine locking a school down by 1 push of a button with on line locking system. It is now possible. As we live in tough times unwanted people might enter the school grounds. With access control system we can control unwanted visitors entering our classrooms.


Why Salto Wireless Access Control Systems

JAB Locksmiths will be there for a demonstration, installation, commissioning and ongoing support. We will walk you through every step while other companies only concentrate on getting the order and doing the job without customer support.


  • Salto locks wireless access control systems work with a wide range of Id Carriers such as Smart Cards, ibuttons, wristbands, swipe cards, fobs or bracelets. The ultimate in time savining efficiency and high performance security.
  • Not only that but Saltos Smart Card wall readers can be configured to allow NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled smart phones to act as ID carriers to control SALTO access controlled doors. High quality cutting edge security solutions for your company.
  • Salto locks can be used to not only control access to buildings but also control access to lockers, cupboards, cabinets, cabins, boxes and show cases where valuable may be stored. And Jab Solutions can expertly install any system.
  • Salto locks can fit in place of most Australian locks and hardware within 15 minutes in most cases. Salto wireless locks are powered by 3 AAA batteries which last up to 50,000 swipes and fits in place of most mortise locks in Australia.

Why JAB Locksmiths Access Control

JAB Locksmiths is a Salto accredited agent for supplying and installing their magnificent system. Whether you have 6 doors or 64,000 doors the Salto wireless locking solutions can cater for any scale of needs. Mixing hardwired full access control system with wireless Salto off line locks makes it an affordable access control system.

JAB Locksmiths will be there for a demonstration, installation, commissioning and ongoing support. At JAB Locksmiths we are the one stop shop, not only will our salesman demonstrate the product he will also commission the system and be on 24/7 support. JAB Locksmiths will not sell you the system and then walk away like most other dealers do. We will walk you through every step and be there from day 1 till the end.

All JAB Locksmiths staff are highly trained and experienced in all facets of Salto locks and general locksmithing. We have all security licences and working with children certificates. JAB Locksmiths also has installed locks at special schools as they have different requirements from other schools. We totally understand the system and the governing laws for legal requirements.

When thinking of a new access control system Our Salto expert JASON Sultana will be honoured to give you a demonstration of this product. We have installed this system at many premises including Moonee Valley City Council, Melton Council, Moonee Valley Racing Club as well as 50 more schools and government departments. Salto has also been adopted at Winnipeg University, Heathrow Airport, T-Mobile Austria, French parliament project, Delaware College and so on.

If you are looking for a reliable, affordable and great service JAB Locksmiths is the company that you will be satisfied with. Please come in for a demonstration of the Salto locking solution. We service all over Melbourne and all vans are stocked with the latest machinery.

Need an access control provider don’t look any further call JAB Locksmiths on 03 8390 8390 or visit us at 508 Fullarton Rd Airport West Vic 3042.