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Fire Resistant Safes Melbourne

If you need to buy a fire resistant safe in Melbourne for that extra piece of mind and security then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find competent reviews on the all the top quality brands to assist you to make the right choice when it comes to buying a fire resistant safe. Not only are all the features of the individual fire resistant safes listed on this site for you to review, you’ll also be able to choose the safe you like and quickly make a purchase through our speedy checkout portal.

Buying a safe is usually a once off purchase so it’s in your best interest to make an informed and wise choice. When you commit to spend the money necessary to buy a high quality safe you’re making a choice that you’ll have to live with for quite some time so it pays to get it right. By exercising a little due diligence and doing a small amount of research before you buy you can ensure that you’ll be buying the most suitable fire resistant safe for your requirements.

We only review the top safe brands as we don’t believe in providing you with information about inferior quality safes that have poor track records with regards to their low build quality and inferior level of security. We take the time to carefully review and assess the build quality of the top fire resistant safes because you’ve taken the time to visit our website.

Choosing the correct size

One of the most critical factors for determining the correct choice of safe for your requirements is the internal volume of the safe. Often we hear stories of people who have regrettably chosen a safe that is too small for their requirements. As you come to rely upon your new safe the items you choose to store in your safe seem to continually be on the increase. As a new safe owner you soon realise just how convenient owning a safe is and there always seems to be one more special watch or photo album that you wish you could fit into your safe.

For this reason we recommend choosing a safe that is at least one and a half times the volume of the safe that you think you will need. Unless you’re absolutely sure that you’re safe storage requirements will never increase this is a sensible way to choose the correct size safe for your requirement. People don’t always foresee the purchase of that new $600 video camera or that new external hard drive and are often forced to choose not to secure one or some of their items because they chose the incorrect sized safe.

Yale Fire Resistant Safe Model YFM310FG2

Fire resistant safes provide a great sense of security and once you own one you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. This is why it’s crucial that you buy the right size safe which will accommodate your storage needs for years to come. Not only will you always have that little bit of extra room in your safe, you’ll probably never need to buy another safe ever again.

Choosing the correct lock

In today’s technologically advanced world we recommend choosing safes with digital electronic locking mechanisms. Digital electronic locking mechanisms provide exceptional anti-theft qualities coupled with highly efficient and convenient access to your safes protected valuables. There are often times when we leave the home or office and remember at the last minute that we need to secure one of our valuables. This is when you’ll be glad you chose a safe with an electronic lock. The alternative leaves you searching for your safe’s key or fiddling with your combination lock as you try to hurry out the door.

Furthermore, if you chose a fire resistant safe with an electronic lock you’ll never lose your safe keys and you’ll be forever thankful that you don’t have to fiddle with combination locks that require precise movements and a certain degree of concentration to actually get your safe to unlock. Digital locks also allow you to easily change your combination and a lot of electronic locks now allow for variable length unlocking codes so your unlocking pin number can be from 4 to 8 digits long.


Some digital locks also allow for multiple opening combinations which will allow several users to have their own pin codes to open the safe. Digital locks can also record when users open the safe and supply opening audits so you can easily see which user opened the safe last and at what time and date they did so. When you combine all the benefits that digital locks can provide it makes good sense to buy a fire resistant safe with a digital lock which is usually only a fraction more expensive than buying a safe with a combination lock or key.

Choosing The Correct Brand

When choosing your new safe it’s important to choose a highly reputable brand and supplier. The safe manufacturers we recommend are:  Yale – Diplomat. These safe manufacturers and suppliers are long established companies with flawless reputations to match. It’s hard to go wrong when buying a safe from one of these manufactures and they produce some of the best fire resistant safes in the world.

The benefits of choosing one of the above two brands far outweigh any short term financial savings that you might deduce from choosing a less reputable safe manufacturer. The increased level of security is worth way more in the long run than any short term savings that you may experience. Customer support, build quality, and reliability are some of the many benefits you can expect to receive when you opt to purchase from a reputable company not to mention the high level of security you precious valuables will receive. We provide the latest up to date price comparisons on all safes that we sell and review and you can rest assured that we always source the cheapest and most reliable safe supplier to assist you to get the biggest saving possible when you set out on your mission to buy a fire resistant home safe.

After all our safe reviews we provide a link to purchase the product at the cheapest price possible. If we do not stock the product we always provide a link to the website of a reputable supplier who sells the safe at the best possible price, after all, you don’t want us to link to a website who is selling the safe you want at an inflated price. Our aim is to provide you with honest non-affiliated reviews of fire resistant safes and help you to find a trusted supplier that will save you money. For your convenience we’ve listed links to all the models of safes that we review below so you can easily ascertain the best choice of safe for you and make an informed choice before you buy a fire resistant safe. To view our reviews of the below listed safes simply click on the additional information tab located inside the product details area.

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