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Kensington Security Screen Door Lock Replaced

Security Screen Door Lock JAB Locksmiths was doing a job in Kensington and had to replace the Whitco security screen door triple locking lock because the locking bar had been broken. When replacing a triple locking Security Screen Door lock just be aware to purchase the correct model of lock. There are a few different brands and […]

Secure Your Premises with JAB Locksmiths in Brunswick

The crime rate in Brunswick is getting out of control with homes and business getting broken into. JAB Locksmiths gives a FREE security survey to the people who are more vulnerable to be a statistic of a robbery. We check on all entry points front door locks, rear door locks, side door and garage doors […]

How to Make Your Home Safe in Melbourne

Do you live in Melbourne and are worried about your home security??? Well you should be, a lot of homes in Melbourne have locks that aren’t up to scratch. The locks on your home is the most important item when it comes to home security, it determines how secure your premises is. [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][dt_gap height=”60″][vc_single_image […]

Use Custom Full Length Blocker Plate to Stop Thieves

After our clients business getting broken into, JAB Locksmiths has upgraded a custom full length Blocker Plate to a factory rear door in Essendon. With a high rate of burglaries in this particular business district area, we suggested we make a blocker to stop this happening again. Also it is a deterrent for thieves when […]

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