Commercial Locksmith Melbourne CBD

JAB Locksmiths Melbourne has been securing Melbourne businesses for over 10 years now so looking for a commercial locksmith in Melbourne call us on (03) 8390 8390 for a fast professional service. Locked out of your

Commercial Locksmith Melbourne
Salto Wireless Lock

office and require a mobile locksmith in Melbourne call JAB Locksmiths Melbourne we are a 24/7 emergency service. If you are moving in to a factory or an office we can secure your locks with a master key system where you can have control over who has what keys so staff can only access doors that you give them access to. Restricted master key systems are used in many corporate and government buildings including councils where JAB Locksmiths has many clients around Melbourne. JAB Locksmiths Melbourne has installed

Salto electronic wireless locks in to Moonee Valley City Council, Latrobe City Council just to name a few. When it comes to commercial locksmiths in Melbourne call JAB Locksmiths or visit us at 508 Fullarton Rd Airport West you can trust and rely on us for a professional locksmith service.

Lockwood MT5 Master Key

Commercial Locksmith Melbourne
Lockwood MT5

JAB Locksmiths has been installing Lockwood MT5 restricted locks cylinders for small businesses, commercial premises and government departments all over Melbourne. Lockwood MT5

is a high grade security master key system with a side bar and the high security alpha spring at the end of the key makes this system a high grade master key system  above most restricted key systems on the market. JAB Locksmiths gives the client an option on what type of security system that would suit there needs.

If it’s a master key system we would then ask if they would

Wireless Salto access Control System

If you are looking for a wireless card system call JAB locksmith as we have installed over 10,000 Salto wireless locks and implemented these into schools, councils, government department and aged cared care facilities all over Melbourne. JAB Locksmiths is Victoria’s largest Salto dealer with  with all our staff being accredited taking on a project we not only survey and quoted we install it and maintain the system to the very end and beyond.  Installing and access control system will allow users only to access doors that they are given and if you lose a card or a fob the price is only minimal to re-keen are you mechanical key system. Another good feature about self so easy you can have all locks closing are you

Commercial Locksmith Melbourne Grade Locksets

If you have a commercial business you must abide by the law by having free egress locks for all exit doors are locked Mexican survey and quote for a top of the range commercial grade leave a set in a commercial premises the door lock if you so many times so you must need a good grade quality commercial leave a set set a lot will last a long time installing commercial grade locks but unity to put a restricted master key in the lock six instead of the residential blocks they come with a 6 PM cylinder to put on restricted cylinder.having a compliant what means that in case of a fire you will be able to get out of the door with a single action.

Single Action Escape Locks

JAB Locksmiths supplies hardware for all doors which has to comply with fire regulations, visit our showroom at 508 Fullarton Rd Airport West. An example of a single action door lock for a wooden door is the the Lockwood 002L witch comprises of a cylinder on the outside and it single action escape leaver on the inside for quick emergency exit. For aluminium doors we suggest a 590 lever cylinder for easy installation that replaces the existing cylinder turnsnib.