Home Security Melbourne

Thinking Home security Melbourne well then call JAB  Locksmiths Melbourne on 8390 8390 we provide the best security for you premises in Melbourne. Moving in to a home in Melbourne, well the first thing you do is call JAB Locksmiths professional security Melbourne advisers and we will protect your home with the best security to suit your budget.

Rekey Locks Melbourne

First thing you do when moving in to your new home is rekey your locks and update your existing locks with into date quality deadlocks. JAB Locksmiths has rekeyed thousands of homes around Melbourne protecting the clients home from burglaries from previous tenants or owners having your existing key to help themselves to your person items. Don’t think that it won’t happen to you thinking I trust the previous owners they won’t break in well it might not be the old home owners it might be there kids who have a key and are on drugs. When it comes down to Home Security Melbourne trust only one company JAB Locksmiths we have a company security license and all our staff have a security license with a police check.

Alarm Systems Melbourne

Moving in to a new home without an alarm system, well call JAB Locksmiths on 8390 8390 for a free quote on supply and installation of a Bosch alarm system. Your home is your palace and needs to be protected. Every home should have an alarm system which deters thieves from breaking into your home. JAB Locksmiths can connect your alarm system into your phone so when the sensor is activated it will ring your phone or the number you program in to the system then you can call the police. Even a fake alarm box installed in view will make a small difference, the burglar will think twice as he thinks there is an alarm system installed. Alarm system Melbourne is a great security measure because having an alarm system will only give the thieves minimal time to grab as little items as possible, not having an alarm system in Melbourne will give thieves more time to steel your personal items.

CCTV Security Cameras Melbourne

In today’s uncertain times with home invasions and burglaries on the rise installing a CCTV security camera system Melbourne is a must. Call JAB Locksmiths on 8390 8390 or visit our showroom at 508 Fullarton Rd Airport West as we have installed many

Security Cameras Melbourne
HIK Vision Security Cameras


security camera systems to homes, office, businesses and government departments around Melbourne. HIK Vision is a world wide name when it comes to home security Melbourne residents providing extra security with good quality vision. Choosing a cheap camera system will only disappoint you as the picture quality day and night vision, not all CCTV cameras are the same you get what you pay for. JAB Locksmiths has a good quality camera system called HIK Vision which is very affordable and the quality is very good day and night.

Fire Resistant Safes Melbourne

JAB Locksmiths are very well know for supplying all types of safes to all industries. We have a massive selection of fire resistant safes, cash, data and security cabinets for residents, business, commercial and government parties. Moving into a new home call JAB Locksmiths 8390 8390 for a free quote on a good quality fire resistant safe. Our Yale brand is a very popular safe for homes and offices, the YFM range of Yale safes has a fire rating of 1 hour and a good quality digital keypad.