Importance of CCTV Cameras

CCTV is a must for business now the crime rate is rising the unemployment is up and the cost of a CCTV system is coming down in price which is affordable for all business owners, NO excuses. Securing your premises with a CCTV system is a not only a deterrent but also security for staff and clients. Running a club where it is cash only revenue as much as you trust your staff, but if you are unsure we can supply and install till cameras to make sure staff aren’t helping themselves to the profits or beverages. In one instant a club was down 37% on bar takings after installing a camera over the till the profits all of a sudden went thru the roof and now the club is a surviving club thanks to CCTV. In today’s world we have to be secure even in schools where we fit many cameras connected to JAB Locksmith Electronic locking System we can lock down a school with one push of a button, because of CCTV we are securing the school from a possible disaster.

JAB Security Cameras have installed many cameras into schools and in fact where bullying has been at its lowest. JAB Security Cameras are professionals when it comes to CCTV we focus on your security needs whether it’s a Dome camera, Bullet camera or a PTZ camera we can recommend a camera to suit your requirements.  Call JAB Security Cameras on (03) 8390 8390 for a free security survey to install 1 thru to 500 cameras in your premises. JAB Security Cameras operates all over Melbourne and Victoria no job is to small. Visit our showroom at 508 Fullarton Rd Airport West for a free demonstration of the quality of our cameras. JAB Security Cameras prides itself on quality and perfection and on all things security so thinking CCTV call us NOW don’t leave it to late.

JAB Security Cameras have fitted many systems to sporting clubs and community centres as they are a likely target for burglary. Installing cameras to these premises is a less likely that they will be targeted as when they see cameras they stay away.

Thieves like steeling hot water meters so after 3 times steeling them in a particular place we installed a CCTV system and it hasn’t been touched since so thanks to a camera the thieves are scared.

When catching an event on camera the simplest method is to put it on a USB stick and take it to the police where they can view the footage and try and identify these criminals. CCTV cameras that JAB Security Cameras are very good night vision where most cameras are good during the day at night low quality at night time.

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