Why JAB CCTV Security Cameras?

JAB Security cameras only sell systems that we feel that we can sleep at night knowing our customers have the best value for their investment, our CCTV security cameras are affordable and at a very high standard.

JAB CCTV Security cameras have done a lot of research to provide our customers with the best systems to secure their premises. All JAB security cameras are ONVIF compatible which you can integrate our cameras into our clients existing systems.

Installing a CCTV cameras system in today’s world is a must as good as it is a good footage but also is a deterrent for intruders, JAB Security cameras have installed cameras in all sorts of situations whether its schools, residential or government departments as all premises must be secured and deter vandalism and break ins.

In today’s society protecting your valuable assets is very hard when the crime rate is rising at a rapid rate, installing CCTV will help prevent and deter burglars from choosing your home over another that doesn’t have CCTV cameras.

Monitoring live footage on your smart phone is as easy as installing an APP then you can take pictures and watch live footage.

If you have a premises with an alarm and it goes off you can log into your APP and see if it’s a false alarm or if you need to call the police.

If you are running a business and you want to check on your staff for any reason and wonder how this is possible to do that, well by installing CCTV security cameras you can have a camera anywhere that you feel that you need example over the till, kitchen, bar and to monitor staff.

If you are going on a vacation and you are worried about your home security well CCTV is the best option, you monitor your premises by logging into your app and viewing live images at any time.

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