JAB Locksmiths’ Review Series: Key Tags from Kevron

Kevron key tags have been around for years supplying to locksmiths, shoe repairers and all hardware stores. JAB Locksmiths has been using and supplying Kevron tags all over Melbourne.

Every locksmith shop has a Kevron key tag display for it is just a given. When you get multiple keys cut you normally get a key tag which would highly likely be a Kevron. Most people around Melbourne need a key tag or key ring to hold all the keys together. Kevron key tags are normally recognised by the rectangle shape which come in all different colours, sizes and shapes and also it usually comes with a keyring.

JAB Locksmiths has been using Kevron key tags for over 10 years and it is part of the key culture to use these tags. When purchasing a key tag for your luggage more often it will be a Kevron. If Customers requires a printed tags or security tags look no further think Kevron

Key tags are very popular among real estate agents to manage multiple properties. All spare keys are put on their own special key tag and locked in a key cabinet. Every time JAB Locksmiths cuts a key we always cut a spare for the real estate agents, as we look after many real estate agents around Melbourne. We have identified all keys with address so they can lock the spare keys in a safe.

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