JAB Locksmiths’ Review Series: Keys from Silca

Silca is a major key Manufacturer company from Italy who produces high quality key blanks from good quality brass. Silca is a manufacturer who has been supplying locksmith’s key blanks for many years and is a large distributor around Australia and the world.

JAB Locksmiths has been adopting Silca key blanks for over 10 years since starting up. We cut a range of keys from residential keys, automotive keys to restricted key systems.

Silca makes key blanks for padlocks, door locks, garage locks and any other application. If you need a key blank Silca will produce one for any unusual or any indifferent key situation. Silca also makes coloured keys, fancy keys, novelty keys and even your favourite football team keys.

Nearly every household has a Silca key on their keyring and it would be very unusual if they do not as Silca is the number one provider of the key blanks in the world. Locksmith Supply Company in Northern Melbourne has the distribution rights Australian-wide to supply locksmiths with key cutters and Silca key blanks.

As key blanks are like a cup of coffee for locksmiths, everyone needs to purchase one and will have at least 10 key cut in their lifetime.

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