JAB Locksmiths’ Review Series: Locks from Brava

Brava is a lock manufacturer who produces a wide range of locks for both domestic and commercial use. They come in a few varieties of colours including satin chrome, antique copper and brass. Brava locks can be keyed alike, keyed different or master keyed.

JAB Locksmiths has installed thousands of Brava locks for residential homes in Melbourne, aged care facilities and many other commercial buildings.

It is a good quality lock and has great value for money. They also come in a few varieties of functions from classroom sets, entrance sets, bathroom sets to storeroom locksets. If you are looking for a good quality yet low cost entrance set and deadbolt please look no further and look for a Brava dealer and get a price on keying the locks alike. For a standard entrance it will cost approximately $35 and a standard deadbolt will cost you $60. The price is cheap though the quality is good.

JAB Locksmiths has a big range of all styles and colours for Brava locks. Please visit us at our showroom at 508 Fullarton Road Airport West Victoria. Brava locks will go in place of 90% of any Australian lock and are easy to fit and very user friendly.

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