JAB Locksmiths’ Review Series: Locks from Lockwood

When thinking of purchasing a lock the first thing that comes in everyone’s mind is Lockwood.

Lockwood is Australian made and the quality of most Lockwood locks is first class. When it comes to residential deadlocks such as the 001 and 355 JAB Locksmiths would highly recommend these to any residential property owners. We have supplied and installed Lockwood deadlocks to homes all over Melbourne. Customers come to us and ask for our professional opinion on what types of locks should we use for our home. Without a doubt we tell them the best lock for security is Lockwood deadlocks. We can key both front and rear doors on one key for your convenience.

Lockwood is one of the most expensive locks but they say you get what you pay for and how true that is. Lock up with Lockwood then you won’t be disappointed.

Lockwood supplies great quality of Commercial grade hardware. It is widely used all over Australia and it is the most popular hardware on all apartments of government building and aged care.

JAB Locksmiths recommends Lockwood commercial grade hardware rather than the cheaper brands which could not compete with the same standard of quality. Lockwood offers a massive 25 years warranty on all Australian made Lockwood products. That’s how good this brand stands up.

There are many brands of padlocks on the market but the most popular padlock is the Lockwood 334B padlocks. JAB Locksmiths provides many councils, schools, parks and many other clients with these padlocks. The Lockwood 334B can be keyed up to any Lockwood house key and can be keyed alike, master keyed and maison keyed.

The difference between Lockwood and other brands of padlocks is the strength and the security of the actual padlock. It has a boron steel shackle, mushroom pins which make it very hard to pick, compared with other padlocks on the market where they have normal top pins and a standard steel shackle.

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