JAB Locksmiths’ Review Series: Locks from Whitco

Whitco is a household name when it comes to window locks and security screen door locks. JAB Locksmiths has been installing Whitco locks for more than 10 years. Owned by Lockwood they are reliable strong locks and I highly recommend these locks to be installed on all the types of windows and security doors. For your house to be insured you must have window locks on all windows and deadlocks on all doors otherwise the insurance company will not accept your application.

Whitco window locks and deadlocks can be keyed alike even to the house key for your convenience. Whitco even does a winder for pool regulations so the window only opens at a certain distance. Whitco window locks come in many varieties of colours from black brown to white Primrose, in order to ensure they look good on your windows.

Whitco makes the best security screen door lock on the market today. JAB Locksmiths has been installing security screen door locks all over Melbourne and we highly recommend the Whitco Tasman MKⅡ. For extra security you can choose the triple locking. If you have a security screen door lock and lost your key you will need a locksmith to come and open the lock and then put a new cylinder in or rekey the lock to suit your key. You could not take the lock out unless you have a key.

Whitco deadlocks were popular in the 1980s and even nowadays you still see these products working as new. The only fault with the old deadlocks is that you can’t get spare parts.Therefore we recommend to upgrade the old model to the Lockwood 001 deadlock.

Whitco deadlocks in the 80s had a pin in the middle of the turn knob to hold the bolt in so you couldn’t lock yourself out.Working in the 1980s I have installed hundreds of Whitco deadlocks all over Melbourne and just getting calls to upgrade recently. Well that’s how durable they were.

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