Kensington Security Screen Door Lock Replaced

Security Screen Door Lock

JAB Locksmiths was doing a job in Kensington and had to replace the Whitco security screen door triple locking lock because the locking bar had been broken.

When replacing a triple locking Security Screen Door lock just be aware to purchase the correct model of lock. There are a few different brands and models so just make sure you take a picture or bring the broken lock to JAB Locksmiths’ service centre at 508 Fullarton Rd Airport West and we will be able to help you choose the right lock.

If you are a home handyman you just have to be careful doing it yourself as for some models the manufacturer doesn’t make anymore and the lock has to be modified to fit in.

We have many instances of customers not being able to lock their security screen door, not because of the lock is broken but in fact because of the house has moved a little and the latch is not going into the strike. I would always recommend having a triple locking installed just for peace of mind that you have good security.

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