Key Cutting Melbourne

JAB Locksmiths is a professional locksmith in Melbourne who does key cutting Melbourne for businesses and residential clients. Need bulk key cutting in Melbourne just don’t trust any locksmith or a shoe repair man trust the professionals JAB Locksmith as we have up to date key machinery and take pride when cutting keys. Need bulk key cutting Melbourne services, any quantities from 1 to 10,000 all our key blanks are made at a high quality material. JAB Locksmiths has been cutting keys in Melbourne for many years and have mastered the technique of professional key cutting. If you are after a colored key or a football key or a novelty key cut to come in to JAB Locksmiths as we supply all sorts of keys to Melbourne residence.

Colored Key Blanks Melbourne/Decorative Key Blanks

Looking for a mobile locksmith in Melbourne call JAB Locksmiths as we  provide key cutting service & Colored Key Blanks at a high quality standard and affordable prices. Cutting a key is not as easy as it looks, a professional key cutter makes sure the key they are cutting is the correct key blanks and makes sure the spacing of the key is in the correct position. Looking for a mobile locksmith in Melbourne or Colored Key Blanks call JAB Locksmiths on 8390 8390 if you have a key that is worn and it is very hard to turn in your lock we can cut the key to the correct original code so it will work smoothly again.

Key Cutting Melbourne
Colored Silca Keys

Every key has a code on the key ranging from the lower cut being a 0 to a 9 being the deepest cut on the key if your key is worn down we can cut it to the correct height of the original key. Bring your keys in to us and we can duplicate most keys to any shape including your football team or your favorite character. We are a professional locksmith Melbourne company based at 508 Fullarton Road Airport West and we are trained in key cutting and are a professional locksmith company. Looking for a locksmith you can trust in Melbourne call our mobile service locksmith company who provides professionalism key cutting services. We are the best at cutting keys in Melbourne as we use the best machinery and key blanks in Australia.

Professional Key Cutting Melbourne

In Melbourne getting keys at a hardware store or a shopping center could be a big mistake and cost you money as they are more than likely using lower grade material and not trained in key cutting. Save your money and go to the professionals locksmith company JAB Locksmiths Melbourne for the perfect key duplication.

Key Cutting Melbourne
Old Style Keys

Getting your key correctly cut by a qualified locksmith will guarantee all your keys to work like the original. JAB Locksmith guarantees all our keys cut cut otherwise we will refund your money. We pride ourselves on our customer service and quality control there are many types of keys that you can choose from the main brand of key blank is Silca. Silca is an Italian company that produces the best key blanks in the world made from good quality brass. They are the most common brand key blank on the market today.

Bulk Key Cutting Melbourne

If you have a school of business and have multiple lockers without any keys call JAB Locksmiths on 8390 8390 we can come out and cut keys to all the lockers, if the lockers have a key code more than likely we can cut keys by the number on the lock normally with a few digits.