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Call JAB Locksmiths Melbourne on 8390 8390 if you have a lock and key that are not working or if you are moving into a new home and need your locks changed it is very important that you get your locks rekeyed because you don’t know who the previous owners gave there keys to.

JAB Locksmiths Melbourne are located at 508 Fullarton Rd Airport West if you are handy and want to bring your locks in to have them rekeyed you can just leave them with us for one hour this will save you a bit of money. All premises have a lock and key but choosing the correct one for your situation can be challenging call us for free advise. Changing the locks means that you can feel safe knowing you are the only ones with that combination of that key pattern.

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When changing locks there is no damage at all to the existing locks, the locks are made up of pins and springs which when you insert the key the pins line up and allows the barrel to turn in the cylinder. There is a lot of talking about criminal lock bumping this is where you put a modified key in and hit it with a hammer and try and bump the pins up to the correct height which is very hard to do.

If you are worried about your home lock being bumped then you can have your locks changed to an anti bump and pick resistant system. For peace of mind and security we can make new cylinders up to go in place of the existing ones in most cases. Being a qualified professional locksmith it can be easy for a locksmith to pick a lock because we have had training but even a locksmith will have trouble opening a pick resistant lock without damaging it. In nearly every case a pick resistant lock has to be drilled out and then the cylinder replaced.

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Bunch of keys

If you have to many keys on your key ring and it is putting holes in your pockets  we can rekey all your locks alike to one key so instead of having five keys on your key ring you can have just the one.


Thinking anyone can rekey a lock it is not that simple locksmiths attend trade school for a four years apprenticeship to learn all the different types of locks that need to be rekeyed because there are many pins and springs in a cylinder and require special tools. Always get a qualified locksmith and you will be guaranteed a good professional job with the lock good security not effected. In some cases where the lock is very old we suggest instead of rekeying your lock to get it upgraded to a more secure one and we can key it up to the existing key.

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Lock And Key

If you are purchasing a new gate lock instead of going to a hardware store go to a locksmith shop and ask them what lock can I get to suit the same key to my house. JAB Locksmiths Melbourne are a professional Security company that can give you advice on the best gate lock and whether it can be rekeyed to suit your existing key.

Inside a typical everyday common lock cylinder mechanism which is made up of 5 springs, 5 top pins and 5 bottom pins that is what makes up a standard every day Australian lock. There are approximately 100,000 different combinations in a standard pin tumbler lock so it is nearly impossible for a same key combination to operate in a neighboring house. If you upgrade your lock security to a 6 pin tumbler cylinder this will make your lock more harder to pick and lock bump even for a professional locksmith Melbourne to open.

After getting your locks rekeyed you should always go back to a qualified locksmith or specialized key cutter to get more keys cut as my advice is to not go to a hardware store because they are not trained on cutting keys, You might pay and extra dollar for a key but you know it will be cut correctly. Your locks should last at least 10 years before they do need repaired or rekeyed unless you have steel key which will wear the lock down immensely as a steel key will be rubbing in and out on brass cylinder pins. Most of the keys in today’s world are made of good quality brass and cutting keys on a brass key blank will help the lock last for many extra years than using a steel key.

Getting a handyman to change your locks could be the biggest mistake you could ever make, always call the professionals such as JAB Locksmiths Melbourne as we are trained in lock security. We are talking about your home security don’t TRUST anyone to change your locks, only trust a locksmith as we have a security license and can be trusted, hiring a handyman to change your locks with no security license could end up being a mistake that could cost you, do you know how many keys the handy gave you and kept for himself.

Locks and cylinders work on tolerances the better the lock the harder it is for a burglar to bump, drill or pick open, purchasing a cheap lock from your hardware store more than likely the tolerances will not be as good as a good deadlock which will make the picking much easier to break in to.

Moved into your property and come home to find your roller door up and your front door opened with no damage and thinking why??? that’s why before moving in to your home or apartment you should have made arrangements with JAB Locksmiths Melbourne to change the locks so the existing household renters or owners don’t wait for you to go out and then help themselves to your personal belongings and memories. There is none else to blame but yourself for not getting your locks changed and upgraded to a more secure one.

If you have borders renting rooms out you can have your locks keyed up to a master key system we one key can operate the front door and the renters room only and the manager will have a master key which opens all doors. If a border does not pay the rent it is as simple as getting a locksmith out there just to change one door on the bedroom so very existing key will not work any more.

Rekeying a lock is that same as purchasing a new lock exactly the same security because the pins and springs are brand new so there is no need to buy a new lock unless it is a cheap lock or you want a new lock for looks. If your lock is worn and your keys are sticking just call us and we can replace all the lock parts and put brand new pins and springs inside. After changing the new locks to a new combination we can guarantee that the old he will not ever work the existing locks so for peace of mind you can sleep well using possible for an old key to work that new combination as long as you call a qualified locksmith don’t trust a handyman only trust a qualified professional locksmith Melbourne to work on your locks.