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If you are locked out of your apartment and have two doors, JAB Locksmiths Melbourne can have your locks opened in an emergency situation. Call JAB Locksmiths Melbourne on 8390 8390 for a prompt 24/7 emergency locksmith service. JAB Locksmiths can open any lock as we are professional locksmiths and are fully qualified and experienced.

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When calling JAB Locksmiths to open your premises there are a few questions we will ask, we will ask you for identification for example your license if you don’t have it on you we can ask the neighbors just to confirm that you live in this house. If we don’t have any proof in any way JAB Locksmiths will not open the premises under any circumstances.

NO proof NO open” is our moto so when you are locked out please have proof ready or worst case scenario if we open the house we will get the person to describe whats in the house and if it doesn’t look correct we will call the police. You can always TRUST JAB Locksmiths to abide by the rules of the law, that’s why we are the most trusted locksmiths in Melbourne.

Opening a house takes a good locksmith to pick open it takes a lot of practice and training then again it also depends on the quality of the lock. If its a cheap lock from a hardware store in most cases it would be very easy to open. Installing a good quality Lockwood deadlock with spool pins will make it very hard to pick open even from the best locksmiths.

Locks Opened Melbourne
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Sometimes opening a house is not an easy task, if we cant pick the lock we can try another method called Impressioning the lock. We can have your locks opened by Impressioning a lock which means cutting a key without removing the lock on the door, its a process that works on indentation on the key from putting pressure on the key way stroking the key in and out then filing the marks down till it opens.

Its an old way of using this method but sometimes it comes in handy and its keeps your skills updated. It starts of with a blank brass key blank then you look for the spacing of the pins in the lock and start filing the key down to the correct combination till the key turns.

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Are you finding your lock doesn’t close and it just blows in the wind, call JAB Locksmiths Melbourne on 8390 8390 for a reliable and affordable locksmith in Melbourne area. Sometimes with changing whether conditions the house actually moves and therefor the lock and striker doesn’t line up.

Call JAB Locksmith out and we can adjust the lock and service the lock at the same time. If your lock is hard to turn and your key is about to break or just need your locks opened it is time to get us out there and we can see what the problem is with it. Sometimes its unfortunate but the lock has to be replaced, when replacing a lock we will check it out and find the lock that will best suit the existing holes.

Security screen door locks are common from breaking down as most parts are die cast and eventually they wear and tear till they stop working, replacing these locks are very easy as most types go in place of the existing ones. The most common security screen door lock is the Whitco MK11 Tasman which is universal handed for left and right doors.

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Whitco Security Door Lock

If you have keys and some work and others stick and are very hard to turn bring them into us at 508 Fullarton Rd Airport West and we can give you advice on what can be done either re-cutting your existing keys to code or you will need your locks re coded to another key. Locks are like a car they need servicing every so often if you have pin tumbler locks putting some graphite powder in the lock will make your lock last for a long time because there are moving parts and lubrication will help with the lock cylinder parts its good to service every year.