Locks Rekeyed Melbourne


Moving in to a new premises and need your locks rekeyed in Melbourne, call JAB Locksmiths on 8390 8390 we are number one locksmiths in Melbourne. We can rekey your locks to suit one key or even have groups of locks on one key and the locks on separate key. Missed placed your keys or have our keys been stolen??? Don’t panic!!! Call JAB Locksmiths on 8390 8390 we can have your locks rekeyed in Melbourne same day. We have mobile vehicles running around Melbourne with all vans fully stocked with the latest machinery and most types of standard locks on board.

When moving in to a rental home in Melbourne the first thing you should do is to get your locks rekeyed, for peace of mind and security knowing your keys are yours and not the previous tenants.

Pin Tumbler Locks V Wafer Locks

There are many types of locks on the market which include the more popular pin tumbler

Locks Rekeyed Melbourne for best Security Call JAB Locksmiths
Pin Tumbler Lock

Looking to get your locks rekeyed Melbourne and thinking between pin tumbler or wafers for your lock security, we will give you professional advise on what is more secure for your premises.

The pin tumbler locks are the more secure mechanism and then there are the wafer types of locks such as window, patio, security screen door lock cylinders and cam locks. As there is not much room in the lock cylinder housing they use wafers and springs, there are normally between 5 and 10 wafers in most locks.

Call JAB Locksmiths Melbourne on 8390 8390 or visit us at 508 Fullarton Rd Airport West  for advise on pin tumbler locks v wafer style locks. We will give you professional advise on all thing security and help you with the selection of good quality locks.

Locks Rekeyed Melbourne
Wafer Style Lock


Upgrade Your Security Melbourne

Looking to upgrade your security in Melbourne and get your locks rekeyed in Melbourne please call JAB Locksmiths on 8390 8390 for a free quote. We can upgrade your locks with a deadlock on your front door keyed alike to your existing keys, with a Lockwood 001 deadlock installed it will be a great choice as this is Australia made and a great quality lock.

JAB Locksmiths Melbourne very highly recommends a Lockwood 001 deadlock as for peace of mind you know that your premises is secured as it can be.

Locks rekeyed Melbourne
Lockwood Deadlatch