Traka 21

Electronic Key Cabinet

Looking for an electronic key cabinet with full control of your keys to protect your premises?? JAB Locksmiths Melbourne has been installing Traka 21 to customers over Melbourne. If you are wondering who took a particular key, what time, what day well Traka 21 can manage this. Don’t know who took the master key last or who hasn’t returned it to the cabinet? This will give you full key control management with audit trail and security. Traka 21 with the software package can control key access to all staff members. If you have very important documents that is locked in a safe, only the authorize staff member or members can access this key. Every tag has a security chip that belong only to that particular spot.

Only authorized persons can access each or every hook. The days are gone where every staff member can access every key in the premises with Traka 21 management can have full control over any keys on the hook. Traka 21 is designed for small to medium size business where the can manage up to 21 keys any one time. JAB Locksmiths has been installing Traka 21 electronic key cabinets to small business as they can keep full control of key management.

Traka 21 helps trace and account for every key or key-set, which are individually locked in place, ensuring that critical business operations are never jeopardized. The difference between a standard key cabinet and a Traka key cabinet is that the standard key cabinet has no key control or security where anyone can take a master key from the cabinet and not return it, with a Traka electronic key cabinet only authorized staff members have the access rights. Traka 21 is a cost effective user friendly intelligent key cabinet that stands far above the rest.