Lockwood Locks Melbourne

JAB Locksmiths has been installing Lockwood locks for many years, from deadlocks, window locks, sliding door locks and keyless door locks. JAB Locksmith Melbourne is a stockist for Lockwood locks and has a display of most Lockwood products in the showroom at 508 Fullarton Rd Airport West. Lockwood is the leading brand when it comes to door locking solutions so when looking for a quality door lock look no further lock up with Lockwood locks. JAB locksmiths Melbourne has installed many of the 001 deadlocks, Lockwood mortice locks and security screen door locks. Lockwood is a household name when it comes to security, Lockwood locks are made so that you can key all the locks to suit one key for more convenience. Most Lockwood locks are made in Australia and made for the purpose of securing your premises to the highest security.

Lockwood 001 Deadlatch

Lockwood 001 deadlatch is Australian made, and made from the best quality materials and is designed with a safety release and hold back function for anti lockout and passage mode. JAB Locksmiths recommends the Lockwood 001 deadlatch for most doors wooden doors for homes.

Lockwood Lock
Lockwood 001

There are two models of the Lockwood 001 deadlatch there is a lever and a knob version. The security bolt is made of a stainless steel and is cut resistant making it stronger than most other locks on the market and the lock case is made of a zinc alloy. You can feel secure that you have made the correct decision with this Lockwood lock. The Lockwood 001 deadlatch has a 60mm backset and suits doors with a 30mm- 45mm door thickness. The outer cylinder is called a 201 is made of brass body and brass plug which consist of pins and springs which allows the key to line up with the shear line and then that allows the key to turn. A standard lock cylinder with 5 pins has 78000 possible key combinations so it would be nearly impossible for 2 locks to be keyed the same in the nearby area. There are four colours the Lockwood 001 lock come in Satin Chrome Pearl, Brass, Chrome and Brown to suit your door style. If you have an open out door you can order an open out lock with a strike to suit the frame.

Lockwood 355 Deadlock

Looking for a Lockwood lock that is strong and reliable the Lockwood 355 deadlock is made for residential and commercial purposes suitable for hinged and sliding doors. JAB Locksmiths very highly recommends this type of Lockwood deadlock as it is strong and well built.With this Lockwood deadlock you cannot lock yourself out by accidental slamming the door shut as it doesn’t have a bevel bolt it has a downward action bolt work.

Lockwood Deadlock
Lockwood 355

The screws for this lock are concealed and can be only taken out with door open so if someone breaks in thru another door they cant just unscrew this lock. The bolt is made of stainless steel and the lock case is made of a zinc alloy which makes this lock resistant to attack.

Lockwood Window Lock

Double Hung WIndow

To have your home insured you need to have lockable window locks on all windows. Lockwood locks are made to suit all types of windows sash windows, sliding aluminum windows,double hung and awning. JAB Locksmiths  has fitted thousand of window lock around Melbourne to see if you are home from an unwonted visitors  looking for a locksmith in Melbourne to install window locks on Windows call JAB Locksmiths on 8390 8390  for a professional service. These days Lockwood make a window lock that can be keyed alike the same as your house moving into a new home and want your lottery and windows we can keep all locks to suit one key.  For a free quote on window lock security around Melbourne dont hesitate to call JAB Locksmiths for a free quote.

Lockwood 880 Window Lock

Lockwood 880 multi purpose  window locks come with a 8mm steel bolt and one way screws for extra security. This multi purpose lock  is ideal for double hung awning casement and sliding windows  and can be keyed I like to search your Lockwood deadlock.

Lockwood 880

Lockwood 785 Sliding Window Lock

785 Lockwood locks are made for aluminum sliding windows, these locks can be keyed are like to each other or they can be keyed alike to your existing house key to suit the rest of your house.

The Lockwood 785 comes with a easy to drill jig for easy installation, one way fixing screws and also can be fitted to allow fresh air for a small opening.

Lockwood Locks by JAB Locksmiths
Lockwood window lock

Lockwood 680 Patio Door Bolt

Lockwood 680 lockable door bolt is ideal for sliding doors and double doors for a sliding door you can lock the sliding door by pushing the bolt up internally.

Lockwood Locks
Lockwood 680

Lockwood locks are high security for example if someone breaks in and you have a patio door lock they can’t get out that door as it will be deadlocked from inside, would 680 patio door lock suit your existing Lockwood key and we can keep all these alike to suit one key. Lockwood 680 patio door bolt in very easily installed and comes with one way screws so if someone does happen to break in they can’t just undo the screws easily and take off the door lock. The patio door bolt come in a range of colours satin chrome, chrome plate, brown and brass. If you have a restricted system these also can be keyed to suit your Lockwood restricted master key system. These Lockwood locks are made to Australian standards to suit residential and commercial applications.

Lockwood Mortice Locks

JAB Locksmiths has installed Lockwood 3570 series mortice locks to residential, commercial and industrial premises for many years, 3572 Lockwood locks JAB locksmiths rates very highly and recommends for any commercial application. Lockwood 3570 range of mortice locks are made from the best quality materials to ensure this lock stands up to high range traffic. Lockwood 3570 synergy range can be handed to suit your door and with free single action escape for internal side this will pass for fire regulations.  The Lockwood 3572 lock is the most popular lock for schools, age care, councils, residential and government department as you can use restricted master key system cylinders into this mortice lock.

Lockwood Locks 3572 mortice lock
Lockwood Mortice Lock


Lockwood Fire Rated Night Latch

Lockwood has bought out a fire rated nightlatch which is rated to 4 hours for commercial applications. Mainly used for electrical cupboards and service cupboards. JAB Locksmiths has installed these locks in to council building for contractors to access.

Lockwood Nightlatch

The Lockwood 507 nightlatch has a turn lever internally for quick release and key externally which retracts the latch bolt. This Lockwood lock has been tested for 500,000 operations and has a 25 year mechanical warranty so be assured this lock is at a high standard.