Jab Locksmiths Melbourne Secures Mackellar Primary School Delahey with Salto access control locking.

Having a population of around 21 pupils per class, Mackellar was founded in 1991. It is located in Delahey which is on the outer western fringe of Melbourne. The school has many classrooms as well as an administration block for the staff. The institution provides a platform for learning for the children in Delahey.

The Challenge

For a long time the lock system that was used in Mackellar was the mechanical key system. This system was not without its challenges. The maintenance costs of locks in the school was becoming an uphill task. Carrying bunches of keys was not only cumbersome but also crude and archaic. Frequent key cutting whenever the number of people authorized to access certain areas increased was also a tiring and costly exercise. Some of the locks were also old and either not working properly or not working at all.


The solution

The JAB Locksmith Melbourne experts met with the administrators of Mackellar in an effort to provide a lasting solution that would curb the above mentioned problems. The JAB Locksmiths pointed out that the installation of the Salto full access locking system will put an end to the security lock challenges in the school. Both parties agreed on the offer and JAB Locksmiths started the work.

Soon all the door were fitted with full access wireless locks. Some of the access modes that were fitted include:

Toggle mode – the toggle mode would require the user to present a card when unlocking the door and present it once again when from the outside to lock it.

Standard – here the door will only require the card to open when the user is outside but it can be opened from the inside without a card.

Keypad – these are locks that required a pin to open. For places that required more security a combination of the pad and card system was installed.

Office mode (timed) – they can only be opened at scheduled times and days of the week.

Automatic Open – these are locks which are programmed to open automatically on their own at specified times.

Apart from keeping places secure these locks provide other advantages such as monitoring on-duty personnel movements. In case of a security breach the system has a lock-down option. The automatic updates feature of the system that was fitted made it easy to anyone who lost his/her card. Upon losing a card the system automatically cancels the use of the card without having to walk to each lock and doing it manually.