Jab Locksmiths Melbourne Secures St Bernard’s with Salto access control locking

Located in Essendon, Melbourne, St Bernard’s is a Roman Catholic Independent boy’s college. It is a member of Associated Catholic Colleges. Classes in this campus officially started in 1963. Edmund Rice was the founder of St Bernard’s College as well as the Christian Brother schools. The institution is known for its astounding prowess is performing arts.

The Challenge

After a meeting between the St Bernard’s administration personnel and JAB Locksmiths Melbourne experts, the school expressed its dissatisfaction in the master key lock systems. Their locking system had been in use for quite some time and as much as it was functional, the administration believed that it was not the best. Since copies of this key could be made, there was a risk of access by unauthorized persons in to the institution’s premises. Apart from that, the constant replacement of lost keys was a both tiring and costly to the school. The need for a better locking system was obvious. Luckily, we had a solution to their predicaments.


The Solution

JAB Locksmiths Melbourne offered to replace the master key system of this school with an open access locking system. The best part was that new locks could be placed without having to replace the old locks. That gave the users the option to use the new locks without having to get rid of the old ones.

Being a wireless system, installing the Salto system was both easy and fast. There was no need to demolish and reconstruct any part of the walls to put electric cables. The PC based Salto wireless system worked like magic. The wire- free environment was what St Bernard’s needed to curb all the challenges that are mentioned above.Once everyone was keyed into the system access to the places that the individual was authorized to enter became a piece of cake.

The hustle of having to carry keys around for the purpose of accessing places in St Bernard’s is a thing of the past. The date, time and places that different people could access could now be easily fed into the system for convenience purposes. The intelligent locking system was quickly adopted and integrated into the system with a remarkable performance.

All the doors that needed to be fitted with these locks were fed into the system and hooked-up with the latest state-of-the-art lock systems. This was easy because the system can accommodate numerous doors comfortably.