Jab Locksmiths Melbourne Secures Whitefriars College Donvale with Salto access control locking

Whitefriars College Donvale is a Roman Catholic Independent college for boys that was established in 1961. It has been a member Associated Catholic church since the year 1999. It is the only Carmelite college in Australia. It has eight houses all named after a Carmelite of note. The college started with a notebook-computer program and later advanced to a notebook-tablet system.

The Challenge

Between delays, inefficiencies and unnecessary costs, the master key system in Whitefriars was doing more harm than good. Those were the sentiments of the institution’s management in a meeting with JAB Locksmiths. The master key system was not a complete failure, but it was not very efficient either. The school needed a better lock system that could not only be more efficient but also affordable. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the master key system that was in place at the time and asked if they could get a better system.


The Solution

The JAB Locksmiths experts offered to install Salto wireless access control system that will solve the challenges faced by Whitefriars College. Some of the products that were available at the time included: XS4 WRM Pedestal, keypad, antivandalic frame for wall readers, mounting bases for modular wall readers, and software SPACE among many more.

The technology that was installed could not only read cards, but also scan smart phones. This easily solved the problem of losing cards or keys in the master key system. The programming involved in the open access system gives huge room for diversity as far as locks are concerned. Accessing a given area can not only be limited to certain persons, but also the time and date. It is an intelligent lock system which offers superb security.

Once a user list is keyed into this system it determines the people who are authorized to access given areas at specific times. This information could be important in determining the people who accessed a given place at a certain time. The maintenance costs of this system are very low since there is no risk of key loss. Changes and privileges can be effected by the administrator at any time. The inbuilt radio frequency is what connects the lock to the administrative PC. This exchange occurs in real time. The data that is transmitted between the gateways and the escutcheon is always secure and private. This system can also be linked to cameras and even alarms. The system is battery powered and alerts the user before the batteries are dead.