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Yale Fire Safes Melbourne

Yale fire safes are uniquely designed and that is what gives them an edge over other types of fire proof safes. They are not only affordable but also come in different sizes. Some of the sizes that are available include: 0.0195 meters cubic medium safe, 0.0253 meter cubic large safe, 0.0369 extra-large safe and 0.049 […]

Kensington Security Screen Door Lock Replaced

Security Screen Door Lock JAB Locksmiths was doing a job in Kensington and had to replace the Whitco security screen door triple locking lock because the locking bar had been broken. When replacing a triple locking Security Screen Door lock just be aware to purchase the correct model of lock. There are a few different brands and […]

JAB Locksmiths’ Review Series: Salto Locks

Salto Locks Salto is a pretty new lock manufacturer who has come into the Australian market since seven years. It is the world’s leading wireless lock manufacturer and getting popular in the Australian market. Salto provides wireless access control locking solution that can integrate wireless and hard wired locks to suit the requirements of the application. JAB […]

JAB Locksmiths’ Review Series: Borg Locks

Borg Locks Borg locks have been around since 1997 they are the leaders when it comes to mechanical, digital pushbutton locks and access control. JAB Locksmiths has installed many Borg locks to store room doors all around Melbourne where only certain people can access certain doors and storerooms. These are easy to change the access code […]

JAB Locksmiths’ Review Series: Locks from Brava

Brava is a lock manufacturer who produces a wide range of locks for both domestic and commercial use. They come in a few varieties of colours including satin chrome, antique copper and brass. Brava locks can be keyed alike, keyed different or master keyed. JAB Locksmiths has installed thousands of Brava locks for residential homes in Melbourne, […]

JAB Locksmiths’ Review Series: Locks from Whitco

Whitco is a household name when it comes to window locks and security screen door locks. JAB Locksmiths has been installing Whitco locks for more than 10 years. Owned by Lockwood they are reliable strong locks and I highly recommend these locks to be installed on all the types of windows and security doors. For your […]

JAB Locksmiths’ Review Series: Security Products from Yale

Yale is the most common name over the last 200 years when it comes to locks. Yale locks are a household name in Australia. If you ever need a key cut the customer will always come in and say I have a Yale key that I need to cut. JAB Locksmiths stocks a wide range […]

JAB Locksmiths’ Review Series: Locks from ADI

ADI Block locks are Australian owned and made. They are installed on most commercial premises on the front doors as a secondary lock. They add a great deal of security to back up the main door lock such as a Lockwood mortise lock. You can tit ADI block locks to any door whether double or single […]

JAB Locksmiths’ Review Series: Locks from Abus

Abus is a German brand who makes good quality padlocks from small luggage combination to industrial type dust resistant padlocks. Abus is a very well-known brand around Australia and even the whole world. JAB Locksmiths has been supplying padlocks for residential homes, corporate, and government departments all over Melbourne. Abus and Lockwood are the major […]

JAB Locksmiths’ Review Series: Locks from Lockwood

When thinking of purchasing a lock the first thing that comes in everyone’s mind is Lockwood. Lockwood is Australian made and the quality of most Lockwood locks is first class. When it comes to residential deadlocks such as the 001 and 355 JAB Locksmiths would highly recommend these to any residential property owners. We have […]

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