Yale Fire Safes Melbourne

Yale fire safes are uniquely designed and that is what gives them an edge over other types of fire proof safes. They are not only affordable but also come in different sizes. Some of the sizes that are available include: 0.0195 meters cubic medium safe, 0.0253 meter cubic large safe, 0.0369 extra-large safe and 0.049 meter cubic extra-large safe. The Yale fire safes that are available at JAB Locksmiths Melbourne are: Yale Essential Safes, and Yale Elite Safes among others.

Yale Fire Safes have the following features:

-Accept the use of multiple keys

– Weather resistant

– Their body is made of die-cast material

– Have a protective slide cover and a four digit combination lock that is resettable

– Reasonably large internal volume

– It is reinforced with a tough impact plastic body.

– There is a provision for fixing screws

JAB Locksmiths Melbourne not only provide such safes but also fix/install them. The beauty of it all is that you can always call them to address any problems that the safes may pose. These safes can be fitted into your wardrobes, under your desk or even beside your bed.

When choosing a Yale fire resistant safe, find out the sizes that are available and choose the one that works for you. Yale Fire safes have different prices depending on the size and features, choose a safe that fits your budget. Make sure you get an original Yale fire safe from a Certified Yale locks distributer such as JAB Locksmiths. Since these safes are embedded in walls, the walls also provide more protection such that the safe can only be accessed from one side.

Everyone owns things that they regard important to them. Stuff that they want to keep safe from so many things or even people. It could be very disheartening one day you found out that your certificates have been eaten by a rodent, torn by a child or consumed in fire. The fear of losing such important document is the very essence behind the design of the Yale fire locks. Apart from the security it gives to your valuable it also gives you peace to know that your valuables are secure. JAB Locksmiths and Yale have worked together for a long time to ensure that their consumers receive nothing but the best.

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